4 Ways ‘Pokemon GO’ Can Change Your Daily Routine

We have all heard by now about the newest edition of the Pokemon saga, and how it’s the perfect dose of nostalgia (plus the new Blink 182 album?!) for those who grew up with the series. A free mobile game, integrated with Google Maps, augmented reality, AND the 150 original Pokemon?! Say no more. But something no one has thought about are how Pokemon GO can mix up your daily repetitive routine.



See a Fresh Slice of the City

To get ahead in this game, you have to go outside. Frightening, I know. Oh I know. But the real advantage comes with leaving your neighborhood and place of work. The game is set to deliver different Pokemon in different areas, settings, environments, and even seasons. Do you know all the notable points of interest in your city? What about all the statues, street art, monuments, important buildings, etc, etc, etc – you see where I’m going here. So grab your explorer hats and get moving. Heck, maybe grab lunch or dinner at a new restaurant in a new part of town!


Get Some Extra Exercise

Some people hate the stationary treadmill, or just don’t have the same between work, school, errands, etc – well, if you wanna play this game, you gotta burn some calories! Yes, yes, there are a few tricks to fool the pedometer in your phone for hatching eggs, or to drive really, really slowly in your car, but would it really be the end of the world log some legit miles/kilometers?



Meet New People

Due to the nature of the gym, you have to leave your house/office to play, you’re bound to run into some other players… well, a lot of other players. Whether you’re zig-zagging down the road staring at your phone and someone tells you where the Pikachu is, or talking to other players at the Lure Module set up at the local Bier Garten (woohoo Germany!) or the park. Well, then of course, there are the gym battles. Fighting for control of a rival gym can be tough with the server issues, glitches, and Pokemon with high combat power, but when you make eye contact with the player trying to defend (or attack) the gym you have been training at – awkward! However, personally I’ve had only laughs and smiles when encountering other players at gyms, Lures, or even out in the field! I guess,n nothing brings out the best in people like the outdoors and Pokemon!


Walk the Road Less Traveled

Why would all the best and rare Pokemon live on the most popular streets and locations? They don’t! Hit the trails, side streets, lakes, mountains, and see something new and give your eyes a break from the phone screen. Sure you might look lost or indecisive on where you are headed, but just be prepared to explain yourself… maybe you’ll even gain a new explorer to your team!



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