4 Worst Live-Action Anime Failures

live action fails

There are loads of craptastic live-action treatments of anime stories – they’re a dime a dozen. It’s actually hard to find a good one.

But in my research, I realized that some are far worse than others. So, I put together the 4 worst live-action anime failures for your amusement and mockery.

By the way, for those of you expecting Ghost in the Shell, you won’t find it here. Why? Because these stinkers make the live-action GitS look like Blade Runner. Here we go…

The Guyver

This is straight up B-movie, all around. From the cliche characters and crappy acting to the bad script and poor filming – it reeks of ‘straight to VHS’. There is a certain charm to The Guyver though… It’s probably all the guys in monster suits that made early 90s horror flicks so spectacularly bad. Or maybe it was watching Luke Skywalker turn into a cockroach monster.


What do you get when you overload a B movie full of CGI special effects? You get garbage, otherwise known as Devilman. The cinematography is crap. The acting is crap. Even the CGI, which they rely upon, is complete crap. It looks and feels like a Syfy original movie, and not even one of their better attempts. I’ll take Piranhaconda over this one, any day.

db evolution 4 Worst Live-Action Anime Failures
Image courtesy of Julien GONG Min via Flickr

Attack on Titan

You’d think from the trailer that this wouldn’t be bad, right? The dark setting looks ominous, the titans are creepy AF… What could go wrong? Lots, apparently. The film just watered everything from the show down to the point that you really don’t care who is doing what. It’s really bland. They also changed some important backstories to the point they make the character seem… over-dramatic.

Dragon Ball: Evolution

This movie made an entire generation angry. It made the studio who spawned it look bad. The script writer even came out to apologize for bringing such an abomination into the world. Dragon Ball: Evolution is the world’s greatest anime tragedy. Ever. Funny though… No one complained about the blatant whitewashing that occurred with the cast. Probably because no one watched this box of turds.

Do yourself a favor and watch these movies. Why? Just so you know what Hollywood really thinks of anime. So you know how little they understand Japanese animation. It’s sad. Remember to stay strong as you watch so they don’t ruin their classic counterparts.

There are many other bad live-action remakes. Do you think any are worse than these?



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