5 Things That Definitely Only Happen In Anime

OH the glorious world of anime. It depicts the good parts of life, the bad parts, and the wonderfully impossible. Battling monsters, mecha missions, and beautiful heroines don’t happen everyday…

Check out our top 5 list of impossibilities below:
triage x 2 5 Things That Definitely Only Happen In Anime anime boobs

Boobs defy every physics class we ever took in high school.

Guy with food hanging out of his mouth anime food

Chewing is absolutely not necessary.

tamayuraSweating occurs in giant, singular beads.

You run, frequently, surrounded by cherry blossoms. Every. Single. Time. (Where you’ll almost DEFINITELY run directly into your crush).

They go to school…But somehow never do school-work. Meanwhile student council can make decisions that will actually impact your life FOREVER.

Japan’s Rainbow Potato Chips Will Simultaneously Delight & Disappoint



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