6 Anime Series Censored or Banned Across the World

It’s no surprise, are a ton of anime series out there that have some questionable content. Aaaand it’s no surprise that many of these anime series are banned or censored.

Here’s are six series banned or censored from different countries all over the world…. Many of which you probably didn’t expect:

  • Pokemon The Pokemon series is completely banned in Saudi Arabia. Someone actually thought that Pokemon was part of a conspiracy to encourage the Jewish religion and pull children away from the religion of Islam. They claimed Pokemon translates to “I’m a Jew” and made sure the series was totally banned from airing in their country.
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise– This one actually makes sense. Three days after the attacks on 9/11, an episode called “Battle Protocol” aired in America and featured a scene where Optimus Prime crashed through a skyscraper. The episode was pulled and never aired again in the United States.
  • Kinnikuman– This wasn’t a total ban, but all of the manga and most of the episodes of this anime were banned in France because a character named Brocken Jr. wears a prominent swastika on his costume. It is basically a Nazi uniform and the laws in France do not allow that sort of thing to appear on TV. My guess is that is not something they want on their children’s television programs.
  • Death Note– This controversial series was attempted to be banned in the U.S., and successfully banned in China. Known for its restrictive government and heavy censorship, China banned this anime series because many teachers claimed they were afraid of students creating their own ‘death note’ notebooks.
  • Attack on Titan-Another victim of the heavy Chinese regulations; Attack on Titan was added to a long list of banned anime series there. The primary reason for most of the bans in this particular country were due to the amount of violence and gore in the series. Even streaming sites in China have to ask for permission from the government in order to air their content and several companies have gone under due to the strict regulations.
  • Hetalia– In a pretty rough turn, Hetalia airing in South Korea actually led to some death threats. There has long been tension and a bad history between Japan and South Korea. Hetalia, as a series, is known for mocking many countries, but over 16,000 people were not taking the joke and signed a petition to have the series pulled from broadcasting in their country. Officials at the TV network in charge of the broadcast actually received more than one death threat related to the series and finally gave in, pulling the entire series from South Korean television.



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