6 Vending Machine Items You Can Only Find In Japan

japanese vending machines
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Japanese vending machines have become the thing of legend.

There are currently more of them in Japan than sushi restaurants, with machines ranging from loaves of bread to origami. Some of them can actually read your face to guess your age and likeness through facial recognition technology to recommend something you might like.

These are 6 of the most interesting things you will find in Japanese vending machines.

  1. Self-Freezing Coca-Cola– Anyone can find a machine that drops out a cold can of Coke, but this one in Japan keeps the bottles at 24.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Once you break the seal on the bottle all you have to do is put the cap back on and turn the bottle upside down. The chemical reaction of the carbon dioxide forms ice crystals within the bottle. It is a Coke slushie fresh and waiting for you.
  2. Puppies to Adopt– This one honestly doesn’t sound like a good idea to me. However, in Japan there are still some vending machines that offer customers the chance to buy a puppy right on the spot. Many of them have been shut down due to health and safety concerns of the pups. I mean each dog was kept in a pretty small box and locked within a machine. I don’t approve, but it is certainly unique.
  3. Puppy Wigs– In case you feel a little morally challenged by the puppy machines then you can at least pick up a fancy little hairpiece for your own pup. It is great for Halloween with your dog or if your dog is feeling self conscious about thinning out up top.
  4. Selfies– This has been marketed as something new and exciting to feed the selfie photo craze, but it is really just an old school photo booth with new bells and whistles. They offer these pictures along with purchased items and you can select some custom backgrounds for your pics. One nice feature is that these machines also display public safety warnings during natural disasters like earthquakes.
  5. Flying Fish Soup– Ever find yourself sitting at the subway waiting for your train and hungry for a little snack? Each of these bottles contain a pre-grilled flying fish and some algae. This soup is ready to eat straight from the bottle, but it can also be used to as a seasoning for a later meal.
  6. Late Night Necessities– This one might not seem so unique, but it is the combination that makes this one interesting. Japan offers side-by-side machines that sell condoms and energy drinks together for those late night emergencies. They are specifically only open during the night and closed for service during the day, in case you were wondering.

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