6 Odd Japanese Products You WANT

If you are a fan of Japanese culture or even just curious about the types of goodies that Japan hosts exclusively, then you’re going to want to read this. As long as you have the internet at your disposal, you can get your hands on these 6 awesome (and slightly unusual) products.

Eyebrow razors
These might not be for everyone, but there are many people in Japan that shave their eyebrows to make it easier to apply makeup and supposedly makes your face brighter at the same time. I’ll personally stick to plucking my brows, but that’s just me.


Lion Neat Foot Sheets

These sheets are used to sooth sore muscles or to ease the pain of everyday travel. Apparently, they draw the heat out of your body and bring a nice cooling sensation to the applied area. Summer-time sandal relief, anyone? Yeah, idk.



Rohto eye drops
Now these are only for contact users, but if the claims they make are correct, then they are perfect for your sight-seeing photo ops. They are supposed to make your eyes really pop and appear brighter on camera. Think: Gains in your cosplay. Or, gains in your love life. It’s all about the eyes, right?



Matcha-Flavored Kit Kat
Now we’ve seen a lot of examples of Japan’s take on American flavors, but it is said that this particular flavor of Kit Kat is already rare and hard to find. Either way, it is supposed to be delicious.

We’re down for matcha-flavored anything, frankly.


Edible Baby Newspaper
I don’t know how or why someone thought of this one, but it’s a newspaper for babies that they can eat (once they’re done reading it of course.) My first thought about this one was, “only in Japan, right?” This would make a unique gift for the next baby shower you go to.



Cat earphone jack
I know we all love cats, and this particular items for a very adorable accessory. I mean its actual purpose is to block debris from getting in your headphone jack, but really who doesn’t want that kitten protecting your earbuds?


All of these items are currently available on Amazon for that Japan fan that doesn’t feel like leaving the house just yet.


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