7 Video Games To Play This Fall

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It is a very good time to be a video game fan. This fall promises to debut some of the most exciting sequels and brand new games that we’ve seen in a long time.

Let’s take a look at what is going to be taking up most of our time over the next month.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

I know, I know, Insomniac’s Spider-Man is already out, but I mean this is looking to be one of the biggest superhero games ever. It’s possible this game might do for Spider-Man games what Arkham Asylum did for Batman games. (I admittedly haven’t played it, but I’ve been told that they nailed the web-slinging through the city). And there is a whole bevy of villains for Spidey to take on this time around. Plus, it’s full of fun Easter eggs for Marvel and Spider-Man fans alike.

Play it now on Ps4.

Super Smash Bros: Ultimate

It’s safe to say that this game boasts one of the most well known character rosters of any game… ever. It might not be the most hardcore game series ever, but Super Smash Bros. has become a franchise classic at this point. Think, a gaming party with your friends, snacks, and bubbly beverages.

Gear up for it on Dec. 7th for the Nintendo Switch.

Life is Strange 2

These days are a wonderful time to be a fan of lower-budget indie games. The original Life Is Strange was a critical darling and used some innovative storytelling techniques. It also featured a normalized portrayal of a bisexual protagonist for a mainstream audience, a feat few games have pulled off as of yet. This next game promises to bring the same innovative storytelling to the delicate subject matter of police interaction with minorities.

Play it now on Xbox One, Playstation and PC.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider reboot video game from several years ago peaked interest in Lara Croft again. This latest release¬†continues the narrative from the 2015 game Rise of the Tomb RaiderT. his next game concludes that trilogy and promises an exciting conclusion…(no spoilers here). Tough to beat a modern bad-a$$ Tomb Raider.

Play it now on Ps4 and Xbox One.


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