8 Apps & Devices To Read Manga On-the-Go

Who has the pockets to carry around a ton of manga with them everywhere they go? Thankfully, you no longer have to (unless you have the time to sit and read in Japanese cafes – then do that).

Sure, keep collecting the hard copies for your home collection, but take it on the go with your tablet or smartphone. Here are 8 apps that you can download and start using now.

read manga on the go amazon kindle

Amazon Kindle
I’m going to go ahead and guess that you’ve heard of Amazon, so I won’t dive too deep here. Their Kindle app has a decent library when it comes to manga, but it isn’t the biggest. You can always order the old physical copies of the stories you want on Amazon though. The selection gets much better when it comes to hard copies, so you could always go that way. This app is a decent way to balance between the digital and hard copy collectors.

Google Play Books
This one is very similar to the Amazon Kindle, but because its Google it has a lot more utility. It can sync to any other of your devices that have Google, which is great for reading anywhere anytime. It also comes standard on most Android devices, so you might already have it.

read manga on the go nook

This is another big company’s take on digital reading. Just like the others: the library is decent, you can purchase books, and sync them across various devices. Nook hasn’t quite taken off like the Kindle has, but it does aloow for sharing between your profiles and your friend’s profiles.

read manga on the go comixology

This one is a true leader in digital reading. It’s dedicated to digital services only so you won’t be able to order any physical copies, but the manga library is expansive and the prices are nice. Comixology also has a subscription service that you can join and read as much manga as you want to. The reading modes are very user-friendly and intuitive to use.

manga reader read manga on the go

Manga Reader
Manga Reader is not backed by a huge corporation but it is still a solid app for the manga fan. This app allows access to over 30 different collections. That’s a lot of manga to love, so they’ve built several different organizational options that you can customize somewhat to your liking. Everything on the app is also free to read.


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