A Live-Action Anime That Might Just Work

What you need to be doing. Now.

I’m on a roll with these articles that might make me unpopular. I was watching Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz last night (a true classic. Please find it and watch it.), and something sprung into my mind. I want to see a Mobile Suit Gundam Live-action movie.

Oh…Oh no.

And before any of you point it out, I’m well aware of the Canadian TV Movie, G-Saviour. We definitely did not have the technology yet. For one, they don’t show Gundams in action until 55 minutes in, and after you see them, you wish you hadn’t. Hell, they don’t even say Gundam in the movie. Good God, what an abomination that was.

Now hear me out. If any anime adaptation has any chance of succeeding, it HAS to be a Gundam movie. We literally have the technology now. I’m not a fan of the Transformers movies, but I will not besmirch their CG.

Also, when you think about it, the story of Gundam is simple—too simple to possibly screw up. This is all it is; Army A hates Army B. There’s a significant amount of political turmoil. Some dictator wants to take over the world. For some reason, we’ve selected these five teenagers as the most capable human beings in our country to pilot these giant Mechs. Giant robots fight in space multiple times.

How easy is that?

I’ll admit, I definitely have some bias here. I grew up watching a multitude of Gundam and Mech anime. Gundam has been around since 1979. There were two Gundam series airing simultaneously last year. Interest sure as hell isn’t fading.

Not only that, but Japan built a real Gundam. Unfortunately, they’ve taken down ol’ Mobile Suit Gundam RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT (no, I don’t have that memorized). But they’re building one that actually MOVES! The plan is to unveil that behemoth in 2019.

If Japan can create an actual, real moving Gundam, then why the hell can’t we have a live-action Gundam movie? The plot isn’t rocket science. CGI is definitely there now. If we can have a really great looking Al in the Full Metal Alchemist movie, then we can have a Mobile Suit Gundam RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Ver. GFT.

What do you think? Should I be smacked for suggesting such blasphemy or do you think this could actually work? Comment below (and don’t smack too hard).

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