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One of the Great things about anime is it’s ability to blend old school and new school animation recapturing a long lost love of retro property.

Yatterman Night is a great example of this. For people not familiar with the franchise, Yatterman is one of the most iconic shows in Japan. This show has appeared in various incarnations since 1977, and was created by Tatsuo Yoshida, the creator of Speed Racer and Voltron, among some of his amazing hits. Sadly Yatterman was the last show he worked on before succumbing to liver cancer in 1977. The Time Bokan Series has gone through various spin offs, reboots as well as a live action movie in 2008.

Yatter Ep 6.1

Now in time for the 40th anniversary of the Time Bokan Series, Yatterman Night was created by Tatsunoko Production who has worked on some heavy hitters such as Pyscho Pass, Sket Dance as well as worked on the original Time Bokan series.

The show takes places generations after the original Yatterman took place. The descendents of the evil con art group, Dornobow Gang, have been living on the outskirts of the Yatterman Kingdom after their ancestors were banished for their acts against humanity. One of them is Leopard, a young girl who’s mother becomes very sick due to lack of medicine and proper food. After trying to contact the so called ‘heroes’ by boat and getting almost blown up in the process briefly afterwards her mother passes away, she and her family friends (who are also descendants of the group) go under the guise under the New Doronbow Group and get into Yatterman Kingdom.

Yatter Ep 6.2

They soon discover the Yatterman Kingdom is so much worse than what they expected, with people getting randomly getting kidnapped and transported to work camps as well as, poverty and famine. Leopard makes it her mission to correct the attitudes of Yattermen and Yatter Women by enforcing her own justice by flicking them in the head as price for their crimes.

The animation is crisp, clean and mixing the stylized character designs from the various past generations creating a vivid world that engrosses its viewers. While it’s music soundtrack is upbeat and modern, we note that the composer of the show is none other than Tatsuya Kat who is well known for his work on Free! Eternal Summer, Medaka Box, and Future Diary


Yes, the show is goofy, immature and down right by using a lot of silly prat falls and jokes that have been done to death in various other properties such as Pokemon or Dinosaur Hunter. However, their use of humor and references, with some moments of drama, keep the viewer watching to see what will happen to Leopard and her crew, and their quest to flick the Yattermen in the head.



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