A Quick Chat with the Creators of Animeme and Yo Mama

We recently had a conversation with Zack and Alex, the creators of two hilarious new channels available for streaming on Viewster: Animeme and Yo Mama. Read on to see what they had to say about everything from anime to Oreos:

First off, how’s your day been so far?

Zack: It’s been pretty productive. Always a lot going on.

Alex: It’s been a fine day, working hard and feeling fine.

What would you say your typical day consists of?

Z: Hard to really say what a typical day is. Mostly meetings and emails, but all focused around really exciting projects in the pipeline.

A: Rising, grinding, eating, sleeping, repeating.

How did the two of you begin collaborating together?

Z: We were already roommates; Alex mentioned he was working with an animator and was open to any collaborative ideas.

A: Then we teamed up to create the Yo Mama youtube channel, in 2011.

Yo Mama

How did the concept of Yo Mama come about?

Z: The concept came about after reading through a list of Yo Mama jokes. Each joke was more imaginative than the last. Which led to me imagining them more as animated shorts. The idea stuck.

A: I was originally sold on wanting the main character to be a talking duck… to this day don’t know how Zack managed to snap me out of it. Glad he did though, so make sure and thank Zack for making Brody next time you see him. Crazy to think Zack is Brody’s godfather. Crazier to think I’m the godfather of a talking duck who never existed… or does he exist… in a parallel universe…

How about the concept of Animeme?

Z: We featured a few memes in some of our early Yo Mama episodes, and the concept stuck with me. The name came about after repeating “animated memes” several times in my head.

A: Zack was sleeping in the back of my car on our way to Vegas for the weekend, me and the rest of the crew were playing board games on my iPad when he woke up abruptly, out of a deep, deep slumber and said, “I’ve got it! Animeme!”


You probably receive tons of submissions for your videos, how many of those make it in to the finished product?

Z: Not enough make it. We always have more ideas than we can animate, and that keeps our future exciting.

A: We’d like to get more people involved, and we’re coming up with ways to make that happen.

What animation would you say has had the largest influence on your youtube channels?

Z: RedMinus, our animator, has had the largest influence. His animation takes story steeling and comedy to a whole new dimension.

A: Aside from animation, we influence the show the most, along with our friends, family, roommates… all the talented people we surround ourselves with who we’re always bouncing off-the-wall ideas back and forth with. The people and situations in our everyday lives are a tremendous influence.

Do you have any advice for aspiring YouTubers or animators?

Z: Focus on content you love to produce, and produce it fast to see results.

A: Do what excites you the most as often as you can and express yourself completely. Follow that path. Life is a journey, love every moment of it.


How did you first get in to animation?

Z: I was exposed to a variety of animation while living in Asia as a child. The magnitude of themes, story telling, and animation styles always left an impression on me.

A: I was a 90’s kid and was always constantly watching classic Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Rocket Power, SpongeBob, Hey Arnold, Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog. Saturday Morning Cartoons. Those were the golden years for animation, and as an producer of animation, I hope to someday being able to impact and enrich people’s lives the same way.

What about anime? Do you remember any series getting you seriously hooked?

Z: Dragon Ball Z.

A: I love anime, the artwork is beautiful, the fight scenes are kick ass, everything is so meaningful. I wish I dreamed in anime.

How about now, are there any anime series you are currently in to?

Z: My recent favorite has been Psycho Pass. Dark. Thought provoking. Twists.

A: If all else fails, we’ll change Animeme into an anime and call it “Anime Me” leave comments and if yours gets chosen we turn you into an anime character and have you look cool fighting off bad guys.

Now for the quickfire round:

Cocoa Puffs or Cocoa Pebbles?

Z: Cocoa Puffs

A: Pebbles

Cats or Dogs?

Z: Cat-Dog

A: White tiger

Pirates or Ninjas?

Z: Pirates. Hands down.

A: Ninjas. They have codes.

Pokemon or Digimon?

Z: Original Digimon

A: Pokemon

When you eat Oreos, do you pull them apart and lick the frosting off, or eat them whole?

Z: All or nothing.

A: I pull them apart to make a double stuff


Follow up on the Oreo question: does milk come in to play?

Z: Milk is always in play.

A: Not a chance

What can we expect from your channels in the future?

Z: Bigger. Better.

A: Expect the unexpected, except if the unexpected is expected, then expect the expected. Actually just get rid of your expectations you’ll be a much happier person.

Lastly, do you have any message for your new fans over at Viewster?

Z: Thanks for watching! We hope we can keep entertaining you as we continue to produce new, exciting animations.

A: I love you guys thank you so much for allowing us to create great content for you all, it means the world to us. Follow Zack and I on social media to keep the conversation alive.







Get a little humor in your life! Check out Animeme and Yo Mama today!


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