Abandon Ship! King’s Game Sucks

Abandon Ship! King's Game Sucks
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I have a monumental retraction to make, and I only hope it reaches all of you in time. King’s Game is god awful. A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about three anime with little to no hype headed into Fall 2017. While I strongly stand by my two other choices, Girl’s Last Journey and Garo: Vanishing Line, my third choice, King’s Game, is pure garbage. After watching the first two episodes, I was sure this show would be good—at the very least, we would get a few good scares out of the show. And then more episodes happened.

First and foremost, I want to establish something about King’s Game. We know Kanazawa Nobuaki transfers into his new school after being the lone survivor of the last King’s Game. So why in the f*ck would episodes three and four be flashback episodes? These aren’t just minor flashbacks establishing rules. They’re entire stories from the Nobuaki’s last King’s Game. And I just have one question.


Abandon Ship! King's Game Sucks
Everyone on the left died in the last King’s Game.

There’s no tension because we have no reason to care about his old classmates. We know they’re going to die. I want to know how Nobuaki is going to save his current class. I want that storyline to develop and start to emotionally invest myself in his new classmates. These cutbacks could (and should) have been a couple minutes each. Spending entire episodes on them is downright insulting to us as an audience.

I was so angry at these two episodes that I went back and rewatched them with a stopwatch. Excluding the opening and closing themes, episodes three and four combine for 41 minutes 22 seconds. Out of all that time, we spend 9 minutes 40 seconds during the present day King’s Game—not even 25%.

For f*ck’s sake, stop releasing filler episodes. It is an egregious waste of time. Care about yourself and dig into shows that are worthy your time like Great Teacher Onizuka or an actual creepy anime like Mononoke.

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