Yes, this is a real thing. Police were called to an apartment near the University of Alaska last Friday after a few roomates got into a fight involving a kitchen knife and a replica Master Sword.

Jeremy Tazruk (our 22-year-old in question) was arrested after the fight, which is claimed to have escalated from some pushing and shoving into punches… Which led to an attack with a kitchen knife (not sure how that jump was made).

The fight somehow also included Tazruk grabbing a replica Legend of Zelda Master Sword from the wall and using its sheath to strike the man (identified as T.P.) accused of instigating the fight by attacking two of his roommates.

Tazruk is then accused of hitting T.P. “multiple times” with the sword itself court documents pointing out:

The edges of the sword were not sharp, but the tip was sharp.

Anchorage police arrived on the scene to find a “broken television, a bloody napkin, a knife on a table and a bent sword on the floor.” The police then found T.P. on a nearby bike trail with a stab wound. He was taken to the hospital with a puncture wound on the ribs.

Here’s how Anchorage Daily News summed up the fracas:

According to Tazruk and witnesses, it said, T.P. started to push a roommate and flipped her onto the armrest of a chair. Another roommate tried to push T.P. away, and T.P. punched that person. When Tazruk and his fiancee, who was holding their baby, stepped in, T.P. punched both of them too.

Tazruk’s fiancee asked someone to call police. Tazruk grabbed a replica sword from the ‘The Legend of Zelda’ off the wall ‘and tried using its sheath to hit T.P.. After T.P. ran at him, Tazruk hit T.P. multiple times with the sword.

Tazruk, who in addition to the sword hits is accused of stabbing T.P. with the kitchen knife, was arrested at the scene and charged with fourth-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

As for us? We putting our Master Swords away.

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