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The series Yakitate!! Japan follows young baker Kazuma Azuma on his quest to create the ultimate bread to represent Japan as a nation. The title is actually a clever pun, ‘yakitate’ means freshly baked and ‘Japan’ is a play on the japanese word for bread, which is pan. Throughout the anime and manga series, Kazuma is constantly experimenting with new bread recipes, and listed below are all of the numbered recipes that are baked in an attempt to create a Ja-Pan that the entire nation can be proud of:

  • Ja-pan #1: Soy-milk toast
  • Ja-pan #2: Automatic rice cooker bread
  • Ja-pan #3: Microwave Sesame bread
  • Ja-pan #8: Colored, candied, slow-baked Turtle bread
  • Ja-pan #9: Fish-shaped cake (taiyaki) bread
  • Ja-pan #10: Soaked Millet bread (Low-carb Ja-pan)
  • Ja-pan #12: Choco-coronette
  • Ja-pan #15: Autodigested Japanese barnyard millet
  • Ja-pan #16: Mt. Fuji Curry bread
  • Ja-pan #21: Budding Wheat Flour sponge cake bread
  • Ja-pan #22 Fish cake (kamaboko) bread
  • Ja-pan #24: Goat milk butter bread
  • Ja-pan #32: Wasabi Dinner Bread


  • Ja-pan #43: 324-Layer Croissant
  • Ja-pan #44: Heavenly Petalite bread
  • Ja-pan #51: Garlic Sports bread
  • Ja-pan #54: Read bean paste bread (anpan)
  • Ja-pan #56: Black bread made with ash
  • Ja-pan #57: Rice cracker (kabukiage) bread
  • Ja-pan #58: Sushi-style Melon bread
  • Ja-pan #59: Okonomiyaki-sandwich with Yakisoba filling
  • Ja-pan #60: Sticky and Stretchy Vital Gluten adbre
  • Ja-pan #61: Taima Bread Donut

Each ja-pan is hand-crafted and prepared with care. Which ja-pan would you most like to try? Check out all the delectable bready goodness on Yakitate!! Japan now streaming on


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