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Attack on Titan Mystery Meat Ramen

I’ve had the pleasure of writing about and consuming Nissin ramen before. Nissin is nothing but amazingly creative with their ramen. But I haven’t had “mystery meat” since elementary school, and Nissin’s (translated) description isn’t putting me at ease.

“Minced meat mixed with meat and soybean-derived ingredients, vegetables and so on. That is what “mystery meat” is.”

Nissin is releasing three separate “mystery meat” varieties, the first being “Chilean mystery meat” in their “Smoked chili Soy sauce taste” ramen. The other two have yet to be named, but the second one apparently has to do with the sea.

I think I’ll pass on these.

But as gruesome as Mystery Meat sounds, it still beats the…

Attack on Titan Waxing Kit

How did this happen and why?

The Don Quixote discount chain stores will be releasing “Attack on Datsumo” nose hair and body hair wax kits. These kits will come with pins (?????) featuring Kenny and Levi, Eren, Levi alone, or the Hairy-nosed Titan. The nose hair kit will sell for ¥1814 ($17) and the body hair kit will somehow cost less at ¥1490 ($14).

I’d rather be stuffed into the hairy-nosed titan’s nose than buy this, but to each their own.





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