American Anime for your 4th of July!

Today is the 4th of July, a day in which our American viewship celebrates independence with a deadly fun mix of fireworks, hotdogs, and beverages of an inebriating nature. In order to help our yank brethren in their celebrations, we’ve put together this list of a couple anime series that actually take place in the ol’ USA.


Blood Blockade Battlefront

blood blockade

This series takes place in the beating heart of America: New York City. But the Big Apple of Blood Blockade Battlefront is a little different than the skyscraper jungle we’re used to… For one, there’s a massive impenetrable bubble covering a section of the city known as Jerusalem’s Lot. Inside the bubble, humans and paranormal creatures coexist, but not in perfect harmony.




Another series from Studio BONES, Heroman is based in the fictional Center City, USA but we’ve got a strong suspicion it’s based on Los Angeles… just check out the series, you’ll see what we mean. The series follows Joey, a down on his luck orphan whose life completely changes when his broken toy robot is struck by lightning and transforms into a massive robot. Plus this series was written by Marvel’s Stan Lee, and what’s more American than that?


So there you have it, two epic anime series that are set in the USA. Are there any other anime that are set in countries other than Japan? Stop by our Twitter and Facebook pages to let us know or to just wish us a happy 4th! ??


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