An Anime To Motivate

baby steps

Nobody ever said you have to be athletic to FEEL athletic.

Eiichirō Maruo is like us all, really.. Because who doesn’t want to be more fit? To quote a rapper who we shall not name… Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger? (no one, whether or not you admit it.)

The beauty of Baby Steps is simple: He’s no different than us. The difference between Eiichirō and say… Me? He f*cking went for it.

Without experience, without training, without any sort of research, Eiichirō became a tennis player. Simply because he knew he could try, whether or not he knew he’d succeed.

baby steps reach for it

The next time you’re wondering “What do I have to do….”, “There’s nothing else in this world I’d rather…”, “I wish I could lose myself in…”. Just stop yourself immediately and take a page from Nike’s book: JUST DO IT.

Get motivated AF by streaming Baby Steps on Viewster here.

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