Anime April Fool’s: When Nothing Makes Sense Anyway

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In the midst of people claiming they’ve changed political alliances, fake pregnancy reports, and other less-than-clever jokes, there were some fun April Fool’s this year. Google, Blizzard, and other major websites always roll out something entertaining. But what about the anime and gaming industry, where games like Hatoful Boyfriend and series like Yurikuma Arashi actually exist? How far does one have to go to make an effective joke on April 1 so people know it’s a joke?

This year, Sekai Project — who have released visual novels starring alpacas, insects, and cyclops girls — had to push the envelope to even approach something unbelievable. Their fake trailer for the VN What If Cows Looked Like Children? still somehow borders on the believable in this industry, set apart largely by the fact that the player must decide whether or not to butcher Daisy and Bessie. If you haven’t seen the trailer, it’s still online, but the game won’t be happening anytime soon.

Fate/Grand Order went all the way with Gutentag Omen,Pokémon GO clone in which you could run around greeting SD servants in your neighborhood. With AR apps coming out left and right (including an Osomatsu-sanpo app that lets you walk with the Osomatsu sextuplets), this isn’t beyond the realm of imagining. On a sadder note, the prank does actually tie into a F/GO world event.

Good Smile Company

Collectors who keep an eye on Good Smile may have noticed the “higma figma” — a poseable brown bear. As silly as the pun is, there’s a figma of The Scream and one of the Vitruvian Man (with multiple limbs!) … which honestly makes a mount-sized bear seem right at home.

And upcoming quiz show 7O3X announced that the male cast of its show would be forming an idol group called “Quiz Lovers.” Honestly, considering there’s already genuinely an ad campaign presenting Lotte Gum flavors as an idol group, this just seems like the next step.

So how does one nagivate April Fool’s Day in a hobby that’s already ridiculous 364 days of the year? Well, you don’t. Really, the best way to go about it is to enjoy it all, then be surprised (or un-surprised, more likely) by what holds true the next day.

Did one of your favorite anime or game creators have a killer prank this year? Tell us about it below.

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