Anime Archive: Outlaw Star Is THE Blast From The Past

We’ve all stared up at the stars and wished for more… More adventure, more meaning, more anime. There’s something about space exploration that makes anime even more epic.

Sure, you could opt for the ever-loved Cowboy Bebop, but a true anime connoisseur would dig a little deeper to find a galaxy
even further away (too much?). Outlaw Star checks every  box on our list: relatable characters, amazing adventure, and damn good storytelling.

Buckle up to journey to the “Galactic Leyline”: a symbolic treasure trove we know all too well. Few anime tackle life’s demons in a more meaningful, yet comedic, way.

Outlaw Star takes our pick for most beloved blast from the past, and it makes Honey’s Anime list too.

Read up on their top 5 picks, or just stream our No. 1 with us here (Ireland & UK only folks).

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