Anime Banned From TV

DON’T PANIC. This isn’t a post letting you know that Trump banned anime (although we’ve seen a lot of those).

Japan released the titles that are too hot for the likes of television viewers, and frankly we’re excited to share the list.

A few of our favorites have been dubbed too risqué: 

1. Prison School

It’s certainly not the most shocking item on the list: what would you expect when there are only 5 boys amongst 1,000 girls in the world’s strictest school. Boys will be boys… And well, they must be punished.

2. Highschool Of The Dead

This one’s just sheer genius. You’re obviously going to lose clothes when you’re battling zombies during a deadly apocalypse. This one includes a more acquired taste of fan service, but by the end of the series you too will expect guns and breasts to go hand in hand.

Get the full list of naughty picks from our friends at J-List. Don’t play ’em at work though, eh?



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