Anime classics remind us just how far the industry has come!

Recently we have been adding a plethora of old and classic anime to our line up. From Adieu Galaxy Express 999 to the amazingly random and science fiction anime Gunbuster 2; Anime has progressed significantly. We often draw this pace of progress out when talking in regards to gaming. Just the jump from 2005 onward has been mesmerizing to say in the least for gaming, but for anime it is on at least the same field; if not a whole other level. The stories, while fundamentally the same, have adapted and grown into works of art that have quickly taken the globe by storm and it can only get better from here.


Sure anime can get a tad repetitive and themes overused, but the ways in which they are transformed to meet the current societal issues and concerns is just awesome. Seeing older anime reminds us that anime now is just as progressive as these older stories where back then. These older titles tackled tough, moral issues that frankly any were too freighters to mention in public. It allowed children a window into the unknown and a way to be expressive without the need for social ramifications. The classics had some guts with the themes that they explored and with the way they went about show casing them. Modern anime titles still follow this sort of path when exploring current and pressing social issues or when showing off character development or growth.

Viewer engagement has also been something that has remained quite the same and yet also very different. With terms like Waifu or Husbando becoming popular phrases. Anime merchandise also has helped to allow fans a deeper tie to character that they love immensely whether it is in figure form or body pillow form. These mediums allow for deeper fan connection and engagement with the series that they love most. Take a look at the success of older series like Dragonball Z or Sailor Moon that went on to inspire so many fans to better themselves, to love anime as an art or to just be themselves. These classics have also spawned massive collectible industries that help to further anime growth and potential! This also has the bleed effect into introducing fans into series from yesteryear and thus bringing the fans full circle. It is a small influencing factor, but a present one thanks to older titles.


These older titles also played a role in helping to shape the current landscape that we have today in the animation industry. From standards like 3D implementation to the current running studios of today; all of it has influence from this bygone era of animation. Studios like Studio Sunrise are still operating from years past and bring with them a long and honorable history of animation quality and expertise. It is the love for the craft that many feel the modern animation studios lack and is one of the many reasons as to why most feel that the animation industry is dying out; that and the gross population disparity between young and old. While the lack of care for quality and substance is truly an issue, we feel that there is still a plethora of studios out there that genuinely care about making titles that last. Titles like FLIP FLAPPERS that are so wonderfully crafted and just simply beautiful. It is anime like that, that reminds us of how fun it was to watch those 80’s or those 90’s anime when they aired or made their way from the land of the rising sun. Remembering that the classics have had such an impact on the industry, the fans and the future companies of tomorrow is something that is important to bear in mind and is frankly a beautiful reminder of how simply complex anime is.

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