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If you are like me and you love your gaming as much as you do your anime then you try to find stuff that meshes both together! Well fret not because I have taken the liberty of preparing your line-up for you! These various anime are adaptations of video games or at the very least inspired adaptations! Hopefully you can find an anime that will sate that thirst for a anime that likes its gaming inspiration! Also I would recommend checking out some of the games that anime are inspired from you won’t find yourself disappointed with many of these titles!

Blade and Soul: Based on the equally popular MMO of the same title Blade and Soul is colorful and it is a blast to watch! The anime actually crafts an original story based off the game and its lore in the following of a female swordsman who is out for vengeance after her teacher was brutally slain. What I personally enjoyed about this anime was the art. It gave the anime such an lived in feel and the fact that the character art remained as faithful as it could to the MMO character style. That takes some talent and a whole lot of patience that is frankly hard to come by when adapting from a traditional 3 dimensional  game.

Blade and Soul can be enjoyed in BENELUX, GAS(excl. LI), SCANDI(excl. FI), FR, ES !

No Game No Life

No Game No Life: One of our favorite anime and that of many other viewers No Game No Life (NGNL) is an anime that is just gorgeous and immensely beautiful! From gorgeous vistas to characters that are as vibrant and animated as they are detailed. Not directly inspired by a game, but rather an anime based on the simple fact that two sibling gamers get sucked into another dimension where the world the inhabit is but one massive game with it’s own rules and set of laws. With flashy fan-service, humor and everything a gamer could want NGNL is and anime that any self-proclaimed gamer should watch!

No Game No Life can be enjoyed in NORTH AMERICA, SOUTH AMERICA(excl. FK, GY, GS, SR), CENTRAL AMERICA(excl. BZ), CU, DO, GP, HT, MQ, IE, GB, ZA !


Samurai Warriors: Based on the game series of the same name Samurai Warriors follows the story of Hideyori as he tries his darnedest to hold his claim on the throne of Japan against the Tokugawa clan. A wonderful anime-esque telling of the great Sengoku-Jidai period of Japan based on the game series of the same name. The anime manages to capture the action packed fun that the Samurai Warriors series is known for and bundles it all up in an action packed story line that doesn’t disappoint! Now the anime doesn’t really give the game justice, but it works for what we want to get out of it and that is an adventure worth watching to help cure that anime backlog or lack-thereof.

Samurai Warriors can be enjoyed in EASTERN EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA, SCANDI, AU, NZ, CY, GR, VA, IS, IE, MT, PT, SM, ES, GB, MK, MD, RU, NL !

Star Ocean EX: Much like Blade and Soul, Star Ocean EX is a manga turned anime adaptation that takes place a little more than twenty years later after the first title in the Star Ocean gaming series. While it is definitely a title that is an older title, the main premise of the series stays true to what made the first Star Ocean title so enjoyable. While the anime can also be considered dated from an animation standpoint the older series still managed to hold a certain charm about themselves. The anime had a run of 26 episodes and was one of my most watched anime when I was growing up having also been a fan of the games myself!

Star Ocean EX can be enjoyed in BENELUX, GAS(excl. LI), SCANDI(excl. FI), FR, IE, ES, GB !


Street Fighter Round One – Fight! & The New Challengers: I formerly wrote about these two new animated-comics that we just added to our list and it should be pretty self-explanatory! Street Fighter has been an immensely popular gaming series and as such it has gone on to inspire movies, other games, animated shorts, comics and animated-comics! While these two animated comics are not the latest they still pack a punch and have such an amazing art style that it is hard to not appreciate the flow and look; especially since they are based on the actual comic series so they tend to stay within the same vein of lore.

Street Fighter can be enjoyed worldwide!

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