Anime & Gaming: Two Peas in a Pod

Love Live School Idol Project

They’re your two favorite things: The action-packed, interactive world of gaming… And the dream worthy tales told within your favorite anime series.

Why not merge them? Sure, we all know and love Pokemon GO, but there’s sooooo much more.

Our friends at Honey’s Anime have the ultimate list of Anime Games to try out this weekend; our favorite happens to be Love Live! Love Live School Idol Project crewSchool Idol Festival. The anime follows 9 peppy girls on a quest to become famous, spread the word about their school, attract more students, and basically save the day. If you haven’t watched it yet, stream it here.

Once you’re up to speed and ready for the game, you’ll have 2 modes to choose from: Story Mode and Live Mode. Love Live School Idol Project fun

Jam out in Live Mode, where your score is based on the rhythm you’ve got. OR, opt for Story Mode: Where you’ll act as a helper to complete various tasks, and yes, perform a song or two.

If you’re really feeling feisty tonight, stream & play at the same time.

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