Anime is a gateway to a world of possibilities!

We often look to our sources of fun and entertainment to whisk us off into a brand new world all its own. It can be a world that presents new opportunities or it can be a world that allows you to escape from the worries of your day to day life. Anime can create a brand new hobby, job or vacation for the viewer. It literally is a land of milk and honey.  I mean just think about how much anime has helped to influence creators all over the globe; even look at us! Anime is something that just seems to permeate the surrounding area with interest and possibility. All it takes is you opening that door and being pulled into a world of new adventures. Frankly the up front truth is always hard to swallow. Crossing the threshold is often the hardest and being open about your interest in anime can often take a hard turn. With many fans having to put their fandom in a ‘closet’ when out and about with their friends who might see this world as polluting and disgusting.

That’s why anime often draws users online. From this digital world fans can mingle, laugh, cry, fight and write about their passions for anime. Here they can cross that threshold and can fully immerse themselves into a world of limitless possibilities and experiences. It gives us fans an ability to be apart of something that most of us got to experience growing up or through introductions via life long friends. It encourages use to pursue avenues in animation, blogging, streaming or production of merchandise. It’s a world that allows us to live out the dreams of being able to be paid to make something or watch something; frankly the industry as a whole is an amazing world full of opportunity.


That being said anime just isn’t an opportunity for a job; it is an opportunity to meet some amazing men and women who are working the industry! The anime community is not as big as you might think it is, many of us tend to bump shoulders with a vast majority of them on Twitter just about everyday! This allows you for closer engagement to the creative types you admire and the chance to chat or hash it out with other fans. It is also a great way of encouraging aspiring animators and artists. Growing up I can remember just about everyone trying their hand at drawing their favorite anime characters. Some had the natural gift and others had to claw their way up to that level of expertise, but both had one thing in common; their love for anime. I think you may be getting the gist of what I am aiming at here. Frankly anime has such an immense and powerful sway over what we fans do as a result.


That is why I am such a big proponent of embracing your love for anime and the world of possibilities it can present to you. Much like a teleport or inter-dimensional tear in space, anime can bring us into a world of wondrous opportunity that is waiting for you to discover it. As someone who has been writing about anime for over a year and a half I can say that it is a gateway worth traversing. Feel free to let us know about your experiences with anime as a whole and if it opened up new avenues of work or experiences for you!

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