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Did you know that we have an app which allows you to stream our collection of anime on your TV (ie: Chromecast, Roku, SmartTV, Xbox 360)? No more being stuck on the computer or phone all the time! The question before you now though, is which series do you watch? Which series are best viewed on a larger screen so that you can fully appreciate the amazing animation and production values? Luckily for you we’ve created a list of some series, both new and old, which are beautiful to behold in all their glory!


Heroic Legend of Arslan

One of the newest series to join the Viewster library, Heroic Legend of Arslan boasts two things: amazing animation and some of the best deaths seen in anime this year. Who wouldn’t want to see men thrown into firey pits, hawks ripping out eyeballs and soldiers being stabbed in all their proper glory on the largest screen available to you?

Arslan 2.2

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with English and German subtitles UK/Ireland, GAS, Scandi, Benelux

with English and Spanish subtitles Spain, Portugal




Ever been interested in getting into the Fate series but not sure where to start? You’ll want to check out this prequel produced by studio ufotable in 2011. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe the animation in this series. ufotable always does good work but this is arguably one of their finest efforts and will look even better on your big screen.

fatezero caster

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with English subtitles UK and Ireland



Death Parade

Similar to Heroic Legend of Arslan, Death Parade boasts some pretty amazing death scenes but the real reason why you should throw this on your big screen is because of the incredibly creepy ambiance that can only be truly appreciated on a larger screen. In our personal opinion, this is not a series that one can feel the full gravity of on a little screen.


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with English subtitles UK and Ireland



Your lie in April

In a previous article, we called Your lie in April a contender for series of the year and this is due in part to some gorgeous character designs and animations which will look fantastic on your TV. Just be sure to keep your tissues handy because you’re absolutely going to need them!


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With German and English Subtitles in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Nordics (except Iceland), Benelux, Spain


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