Anime May Receive One Final Satoshi Kon Story

Anime May Receive One Final Satoshi Kon Story

In 2010, Satoshi Kon left this world long before his time. He was 46. But from the age of 32-43, he left an indelible impact on the world of anime, creating such masterpieces as Magenetic Rose (1995), Perfect Blue (1997), Millennium Actress (2001), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), Paranoia Agent (2004), and Paprika (2006). His final work The Dreaming Machine was never, and never will be, finished.

But if a few pieces fall into place, we will see Kon’s final adapted work in the near future.

Anime May Receive One Final Satoshi Kon Story
Source: ANN

As someone who hasn’t found his way to manga, I was unaware Kon threw his hat into the world of a manga. But from 1995-1996, Kon created a two-volume horror and crime manga called OPUS. And word on the street is director Masao Maruyama wants to adapt it into an anime. Dark Horse Manga summarizes OPUS as:

A manga artist planning a shocking surprise ending to his story gets literally pulled into his own work – to face for himself what he had planned for his characters!

This isn’t Maruyama’s first attempt at bringing Kon’s work to life as he headed the efforts to finish the aforementioned The Dreaming Machine. But whereas The Dreaming Machine had holes Maruyama couldn’t fill without Kon, OPUS does not share that problem.

As of now, this project hasn’t officially been green-lit. But our friends at ANN say Maruyama recently disclosed that a script is underway for OPUS during the Hiroshima International Animation Festival. I can only hope Maruyama finds a studio that will back his efforts.

If it is greenlit, OPUS will likely be the last animated work we receive from the mind of Satoshi Kon.

He was a gift to the world and anything he penned deserves to see the light of day. And as anime fans, we could only ever be so lucky to see one final work from the master himself.


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