Anime Newbs Cont’d: Intro to RPG


So you’re new to the world of anime (take a look at our guide, here)… Odds are, you’re a fresh face in the land of RPG as well.

Otherwise known as role playing games, those who take on the challenge master an array of skills to defeat the bad guy, solve the puzzle, feel like an overall boss.

RPG games pull from your love of fantasy, sci-fi, anime, combat… whatever you’re into… and translate them directly into gaming. (Take a peek at some of the world’s weirdest RPG storylines here

Had a bad day? RPG. Need to get out of your head? RPG. In a general mood to kick ass? …You know what we’re gonna say. 

Dive deeper: Get an in-depth overview of living in the land of RPG over at Honey’s Anime.

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