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'My Hero Academia' To Premier In April 2018
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1. Toonami’s Titan Acquisition 

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Adult Swim made huge news this weekend (and no, I’m not talking about the Rick and Morty premiere). Adult Swim’s Toonami will start airing the second season of Attack on Titan on April 29th. Jason DeMarco, Adult Swim’s senior vice-president and creative director, went on Twitter to confirm this wasn’t some cruel April Fool’s Day prank. Bad news however for sub-loyalists, as Toonami will be airing the English dub. No time slot has been announced as of yet.

2. My Hero Academia’s Season 2 is HUGE

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I remember when the 2nd season of My Hero Academia’s was in jeopardy. All I heard was that ratings in America were great while its ratings in Japan were pretty bad. Well, exhale deeply, my friends! My Hero Academia is slotted for 25 episodes this season. TWENTY-FIVE! And in anime trope-ish fashion, it appears as though season 2 will be a tournament arc—following the A.U. Sports Festival arc from Kōhei Horikoshi’s original manga.

3. Ghost in the Shell’s Weekend

The numbers are in. Ghost in the Shell (GITS) made $58 million worldwide. Not surprisingly, it raked in over $40 million outside of the US and only $18 million in the US, falling well short of its $25 million projection. GITS lost out in the US to The Boss Baby ($50 million) and Beauty and the Beast ($45 million).

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A large reason why Ghost in the Shell could be tanking is due to poor reviews. On IMDB, it is currently sitting at a 6.9 and on Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 44% average critic review and a 63% average audience review. In the coming weeks, the international box office will likely help GITS make back most of its $110 million budget (It hasn’t even opened in Japan or China yet). But for now, it looks like Ghost in the Shell is yet another live-action anime flop in the United States, leaving us to stick to what we know & love, like Ghost In The Shell: SAC.

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