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Let’s catch you up on Fall’s biggest anime news!

Miyazaki’s Final Film’s Title and Release Window

A title and a timeline have been announced for Miyazaki’s final film. Miyazaki recently told reporters the title for this film is Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka, or How Do You Live?. According to ANN, the movie’s title is derived from a 1937 book by Genzaburō Yoshino. Apparently, the book holds a special meaning for the film’s protagonist according to Miyazaki.

As for the timeline, Miyazaki believes the film will take 3-4 more years to complete. Under this timeline, How Do You Live? could still premiere before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.


 Attack on Titan Season 3 Release Date!

This is the news we’ve been waiting for since the very last second of Season 2. Attack on Titan Season Three will premiere in July of 2018. On top of that, the producers released a teaser image for the upcoming season. But hold on to your butts anime fans. A compilation film will also premiere on January 18th! The project will be a recap of all the events of Season 2.

Now while I think it would make more sense to release this movie a week before the premiere of Season 3, but I also think pineapple is a perfectly reasonable pizza topping. In other words, my opinions typically result in people yelling at me.


Free! Season 3 Announced!

Source: Free! Twitter Account

Don your swim gear, because things are about to get wet. At the end of the Free! Take Your Marks movie, a card appeared, saying: “See you next stage.” And just in case anyone missed the subtlety of that statement, the Free! Twitter account made it official. We will be getting a third season of Free! in Summer 2018 (most likely July). Congratulations to all you Free! fans—I know you’ve been waiting a while.


PS: Because Free! bumped this news, here is the first promo image for the Netflix live-action adaptation of Erased. That series premieres in Japan on December 15th and will debut in 190 more countries this winter.






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Anime News You May Have Missed

Let’s catch you up on Fall’s biggest anime news! Miyazaki’s Final Film’s...
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