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1. Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ Trailer and Premiere Date Drops


Back in February, Netflix acquired the rights to make a Castlevania anime. Yesterday, the trailer dropped; the premiere date is July 7th. I’ve definitely been fooled by trailers before, but the show’s first frame hooked me (specifically at 41 seconds). I think this show has a few huge things going for it.

  1. This does not look like a children’s show. There’s a great deal of blood, bodies impaled on stakes, fire tornados, and meteoroids falling from the heavens. Thank. You.
  2. I will admit, I’ve only seen two vampire anime series. But holy sh*t, they’ve both been amazing. Vampire Hunter D and Hellsing reign as the standards for what any vampire adaptation should aspire to be. I’m in love with this trailer and I want more.
  3. How many of us have not played at least one Castlevania game? Who wouldn’t tune in just based on that?

The first season of Castlevania will air exclusively on Netflix and will be a 4-part series with each part lasting approximately 30 minutes.

2. The ‘DIVE!!’ Anime Gets a Trailer and Premiere Date


The very popular youth novel series, DIVE!!, had a huge week. A trailer, premiere date, and platform were all announced. DIVE!! will be shown exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and will premiere on July 6th. Between DIVE!! and Free!, fans of wet, shirtless men swimming pool competitions and exclamation points are going to have a great summer.

3. Kickstarter is Givin’ the People What They Want

anime news Kickstarter is Givin' the People What They Want

In “How is this just now happening?” news, later this year Kickstarter will finally allow projects to launch from Japan. Before this announcement, a middleman was necessary for any Japanese based Kickstarter campaign to get off the ground. Former anime Kickstarters include Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, Under the Dog, and NEKOPARA

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to buy a padlock for my wallet.



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