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I don’t think I’d have this job without the internet. Yes, I’m aware this is an online blog, but I actually mean something deeper. Anime podcasts, YouTube reviews, and forums have all be instrumental in developing my unquenchable love for anime. And I believe it’s rude to keep these channels to myself. So join me, won’t you?


The Fan Service Podcast

Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be here without this podcast. When Rooster Teeth announced an anime podcast, I decided to check it out. That podcast led me to watch Erased, and I was hooked again. Since then, I’ve watched Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, Flip Flappers, Keijo!!!!!!!!, SHIRO BAKO, and others because of this podcast. The podcast features Miles Luna, Kerry Shawcross, Gray Haddock, Yssa Badiola, Cole Gallian, and Austin Hardwicke. Each provides their own niche perspective on anime. And they constantly have voice actors and guests from all around the anime industry.




In the world of YouTube, there exist two types of channels: quantity or quality. This falls into the second category. Animerica is now run by two guys, Will Ryan and JD Kamp. The quality of their show is unmatchable. Every episode is chock full of brilliant humor, but it’s not the only reason I keep watching. Every episode is an insanely in-depth and detailed breakdown of a show. Their notetaking must be otherworldly with how much they recall.

Animerica has three main shows: Animerica, 25 The Hard Way, and Cover By Cover. Animerica is a thorough look at the overall entire run of an anime. 25 The Hard Way is a METICULOUS look at each EPISODE in an anime series. And Cover By Cover is a synopsis of the first two to three episodes of a series. Now while each episode takes a while to come out, they typically last 40 minutes to well over an hour. PLUS, even though they may take their time with each video, their library is nearly 6 years old. There is a ton of content to watch.



The Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast

This podcast has been running since 2009! They broadcast from Japan for two years. A month from now is their 400th episode. Their motto is “To Make Your Anime Addiction Worse” and they have me jonesing every week. The main cast comprises of Mitsugi, Chiaki, Kazuo, and Kimiko. They may as well be anime’s gatekeepers.

Their weekly podcast hits around two hours long and I am bummed out when it ends. You will hear more about classic anime from this podcast than anywhere else—you’ll hear about anime from the 70’s and 80’s rather frequently. You’ll also hear about daily news from Japan, anime impressions from the current season, and today’s anime news. Their wealth of information and humor are invaluable to my anime addiction.


Well, that’s that. But I want more. NEED more! Tell me, what do you watch and listen to?

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