Anime’s Greatest Clichés

Anime: It can be cute, it can be hardcore, it can be cute AND hardcore.

Despite our love for all things anime, even we recognize it’s collecting a serious array of unrealistic clichés. That’s the point of watching, isn’t it? To escape into a world that’s completely unlike the one we live in every single day? (…We’re just waiting for a cyborg to appear on our way to work.)

The list is long and strong: Our top anime clichés include:

  1. The ability to eat food without chewing. (We challenge a character to chew, it’ll taste better.)
  2. Love for the guy that everyone else loves… Instantly. (The best loves take time, ok?)
  3. Blushing. Period. (Who DOES this when they see someone cute? Please comment immediately if so.)

The clichés are impossible to miss, and honestly they’d make for a phenomenal drinking game. Get the full compilation with our friends at



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