ARMS On Nintendo Switch Only A Month Away

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ARMS On Nintendo Switch Only A Month Away

Remember how Wii Boxing was really cool the first few times you played it? Then it got easy and redundant and boring and you never played it again?

Nintendo remembers too.

Which is probably why they’re adding some much-needed depth to the boxing game genre with their upcoming title, Arms. In this 3D boxing game your boxer throws punches at an opponent to try and diminish their life bar (like every fighting game, ever), but this game comes with a twist (heh).

Your character’s arms are made of springs!

Each punch flies across the arena towards your opponent, then your arms bend and flail depending on how you move the controller. You can even curve your spring-loaded punches to hit enemies hiding behind obstacles.

The Switch’s motion-sensing Joy-Con controllers move your Slinky-looking fists, much like with Wii Boxing, but unlike Wii Boxing you can’t cheat by flicking the controller just enough to trigger a punch… You have to follow through!

There are 10 playable characters to choose from, each with their own fighting style. You also choose your boxing gloves from several options, each with unique attributes, like missile gloves and hand-shaped gloves that slap your opponent (my personal favorite). The character/glove options add another dimension to the gameplay and allow players to develop their own play style.

ARMS On Nintendo Switch Only A Month Away demo
Image courtesy of Antoine Turmel

Nintendo also added several game modes, allowing players to face off in point-based challenges. One mode has opponents hitting targets for points while another has you throwing your friend’s character through a basketball hoop. That’s gotta be infuriating.

Arms may not be the next eSports contender, but it looks like another great Nintendo party game, perfect for players who don’t want a huge learning curve. You may get a decent workout though.

A free demo of Arms on Nintendo Switch (called The Global Testpunch Demo) will be available for download – but there’s a catch. The demo is only playable from May 26th – 28th and June 2nd – 4th. This ‘limited time window’ demo is exactly what they did for Splatoon. Must’ve worked, cause here it is again.

Arms is scheduled for full release on June 16th. Check out the official Arms site here.

Any Nintendo fans planning on grabbing Arms next month?



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