Attack on Titan Season 3 Premiere: Initial Thoughts

Attack on Titan Season 3 Premiere: Initial Thoughts
Source: Funimation

I’ll start by saying I saw the premiere on July 10th (which I mentioned in a previous article). And let me say, I had the worst movie-going experience of my life.

Behind me sat a howler monkey disguised as a teenage girl. She laughed at about eight times the acceptable volume and had a tendency to bellow forth during deathly serious moments; killing every shred of tension in the theater. Next to me sat someone who admitted he’d never seen the show before. He fell asleep halfway through the recap movie and gifted my left ear with the sound of his snoring. Thankfully, his friend roused him from his slumber before the season 3 premiere.

And now that I’ve painted my surroundings for you, I have to tell you— Attack on Titan season 3 looks exciting, but for different reasons.

Attack on Titan Season 3 Premiere: Initial Thoughts
Source: Funimation 

There’s no point in spoiling an episode less than a week old, so I’ll keep this brief. My initial reactions from the trailer seem to be correct. This season appears to be heavily dominated by character drama and not the Titans. And just as the trailers and posters showcased, this season looks to contain a heavy dose of Levi. The first episode also did a nice job of establishing Kenny as Levi’s foil and enemy.

And it’s because of that relationship that I have hope for (at least the first part of) Season 3.

I know I’m going to love the cat and mouse game between Levi and Kenny. I’ll love the revelations of how much the Royal Government knows/is involved with the Titans. But I’d be lying if I said that’s all I want from this season. If Season 3 is void of Titan activity, it’ll be a failure and a bore of a season. Episode 1 hints that we may not see Titans for a while, even with Eren. But I do have another reason to remain positive.

In case you missed it, here was the trailer for Season 3:

With the exception of maybe one shot, basically every scene from the trailer is in the first episode. To me, that’s a huge positive.

Because from here on out, we’re in the dark and have no idea what’s coming. And that’s enough reason for me to keep tuning in.

What are your predictions for this season? Are we going to get more Titan action or will this become a political/character drama?





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