Beauty and the Beast Goes Manga

Now that Beauty and the Beast has officially been let out of the Disney vault it is getting adapted into all sorts of things (including a cocktail). The live-action film mixed with some of that Emma Watson charm was a big hit worldwide and now Beauty and the Beast is getting turned into a manga.

It started out as a novel back in 1740 by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and this fable of romance has gone through many transformations. In this most recent adaptation it will be translated into a 2 part manga tale from Tokyopop. The two separate publications will tell the story of both lead characters from their own separate points of view; one from Belle and one from the Beast. Belle’s tale will show us how she learned to look beyond the surface of a creature like the Beast to find his true beauty. The Beast’s tale will tell us how he overcame his animalistic tendencies and discovered love again.

This version won’t have anyone singing any of the classic songs, of course, but it will have the charm and style of a true Japanese Manga. Writer Mallory Reeves is adapting the romance and the artwork for the books will be original artwork done by Japanese artists. The previews released so far by Entertainment Weekly don’t show much. We get to see what Belle’s everyday life in her small village looks like; along with the Beast’s ghastly transformation into his animal form.

Most importantly, Tokyopop released an image of the fateful magic rose within its glass case. Stay tuned; the first part of the tale is set to be published on April 26.


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