Here Are The Best Upcoming Games In 2018

God of War (PS4)

This time Kratos is heading to the lands of the north to battle Norse gods. Technically, this is God of War 4, since it’s the first game in the main story canon since GoW3 back in 2010. Looks promising.

Watch the trailer here.

Yoshi (Switch)

A little bit Paper Mario, a little but Yoshi’s Wooly World! This platformer is exactly the genre needs – a fresh take on classic gameplay. Who else to deliver innovation? Nintendo, of course! And with their cutest franchise to boot.

Watch the trailer:

Florence (iOS)

What list would be complete without an mobile title? We don’t know much about Florence, except that it’s a love story and it plays into the relationship between human and touchscreen devices. But with Ken Wong involved, I’m on board!

Fire Emblem Warriors (Switch)

Dynasty Warriors + Fire Emblem = Fire Emblem Warriors! Following Hyrule Warrior‘s success, this is simply the characters from Fire Emblem hacking their way through hundreds of baddies at the same time. Twenty years later and Warriors games are still satisfying…

The Last Night (PC, Xbox One)

Described as “a cinematic 2D platformer with no jumping”, this cyberpunk games oozes Blade Runner vibes. The game is both a visual feast and homage to old school adventure games from the 80’s (fun fact: I’m obsessed with this genre).

The trailer is amazing.

Lost Sphear (PC, PS4, Switch)

Square’s follow up to I Am Setsuna. Both are an homage to old school JRPGs, in the vein of Final Fantasy 7, Wild Arms 3, and Breath of Fire 4. Looks like Lost Sphear will offer a healthy dose of nostalgia that old schoolers crave.

Anthem (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Remember how Bungie promised Destiny would be an ‘open world sci-fi’ experience then majorly undelivered? Yea me too. Well BioWare is making the same promise, but Anthem has gameplay footage to back it up. REALLY hoping this doesn’t disappoint…

So much gaming in 2018! Which games are you looking forward to this year? Shout out in the comments below.

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