Beware Of The 5.0 Switch Update

nintendo switch update

Nintendo recently unleash a 5.0 firmware update for their Switch system… If you’re using a portable docking kit, you’re going to want to read this.

According to our friends at Kotaku, Sean G. says his 80-hour Zelda: Breath of the Wild save file no longer exists after the update met his Nyko portable docking kit. He’d been using the popular third-party hardware for months before the update… It was an irrefutably convenient, cheaper alternative to Nintendo’s official $90 dock.

And even more, Nyko enabled its owners look at their consoles’ screens while it charges… AND contains everything needed to connect a Switch to a television. Basically, its convenience begged its purchase. Switch basically set us all up to require these third party add ons.

But now, Nyko-Switch fans are being inadvertantly punished. If you haven’t discovered it already, the 5.0 firmware has caused third-party paired Switch machines to severely bug out. Expect error messages, some folks even lost the ability to turn on their console at all. Fans on Reddit and Nintendo forums are warning each other of bricked Switches after the recent update… Because it’s not just Nyko, others report issues with FastSnail and Insignia Dock, too.


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