Buried Treasure: $45k of Classic Games

We don’t typically find ourselves watching Storage Wars here at Viewster… And by typically, we mean never. Until now.

Whoever owned this storage locker in Orange County, California is hurting real bad right now, thanks to the A&E show’s latest discover. After peering into the re-possessed locker, Rene Nezhoda must have caught a whiff of that Nintendo GOOD GOOD.

He paid a mere $1,500 for some of the greatest finds we’ve ever seen pulled out of dump. Ultra-YouTuber Fluffy tagged along to review the merch, identifying a Vectrex.. Sega Genesis, Super NES, Nintendo 64, and NES games…. Even Bubble Bobble Part 2. 

Basically, every vintage Nintendo and Sega game you could ever want. PLUS some sh*t you didn’t even KNOW you wanted.

The grand price on all of these gaming goodies? $45,000. We’re officially looking into storage locker auctions now.

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