Butt Wrestling Is Now A Real Life Keijo!!!!!!!! Inspired Sport

(Source: Xebec / YouTube)
(Source: Xebec / Otakuvines)

This might not seem like the weirdest or even most surprising thing to come out of anime, but it is one of the few sports to make the jump to the real world and I’m still not sure how (or why). There was once an anime called Keijo!!!!!!!! and it was all about a competitive sport where women battle on a raft over water. The rules are confusing, but simple. The female contestants must try to push each other off the raft into the water without using their hands, arms, legs, or head. It basically means they can only use their chests and hips to attack each other.

Can you name the ways that could prove problematic? The anime itself does have an actual plot line and plays the butt wrestling as epic as any anime battle. Some might see it as the worst kind of fan service combined with some of the poorest stereotypes of female-centric anime. Like I said, the fact that this series exists is not that surprising when it comes to anime, but somehow it broke into the real world.

Yup. It’s happening. (Source: Keijo Portugal)

Kotaku.com reports there is now an actual league in Portugal that is registering women to start training in real life Keijo-style wrestling, under the notion that this sport requires great skill and balance. It does seem like they are taking it seriously – the women competing in Portugal are at least using hip pads and more safety measures to protect themselves from injury. They even have an official sports logo.

However you might feel about the anime Keijo, you can’t argue with the great lengths that fans are willing to go to get their fix. If these women want to turn this type of body wrestling into a sport, then more power to them.

(Source: Keijo Portugal / goboiano.com)





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