Captain Tsubasa Takes On The World: “Dream Team” Goes International

Captain Tsubasa Takes on the World When "Dream Team" Goes International!
(Source: KLab)

Back in June, hot-blooded soccer anime Captain Tsubasa joined the ranks of series with their own mobile games. Released by KLab, Dream Team combined gacha collection with online soccer action. And as with all anime-based mobile games, the question became — will we get it?

Usually, the answer is a hard “maybe.” But it seems KLab will indeed be releasing the game worldwide!

135 Countries Strong

Captain Tsubasa Takes on the World When "Dream Team" Goes International!
(Source: KLab)

Originally titled Tatakae Dream Team in Japan, the game will be blazing around the world before the end of the year. Plans are in place to localize it into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and traditional Chinese.

135 countries can soon engage in anime soccer action!

An exact date hasn’t been announced yet, but it looks like we’ll see the arrival of the game before 2017 is out.

Take It to the Field

Captain Tsubasa Takes on the World When "Dream Team" Goes International!
(Source: @kommander / Twitter)

So what can you expect to do when you’ve got Dream Team on your phone? Well first, grab your free SSR Tsubasa Ozora The Ball Is My Best Friend (and get those 25 free Dreamballs while you’re at it).

Build your team by collecting characters and set them up for a game. You can play against friends and rivals around the world! And, since it’s Captain Tsubasa, you can watch everyone’s over-the-top moves as they happen.

For now, you can “preregister” by following the game’s official accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Followers will be the first to know what’s going on in the world of the game, and will be able to grab the app once it launches.


Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team scored more than 4 million downloads in Japan alone. And it looks like KLab — who also run the wildly popular Love Live! rhythm game app — are banking on this to be their next big hit. Will you join them? Let us know in the comments!

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