Castle Town Dandelion: Their Whole Life Is On Camera

Imagine having eight siblings of various ages. Now imagine that you’re all royalty, and are being watched by security cameras every time you leave the house. Then imagine that your father, the king, has decided that the public will decide on who will be the next ruler of the country in an election that will be held in a year.

Oh and just for good measure, you and your siblings all have a variety of superpowers. This is the basic premise behind one of the newest series to premiere on Viewster in United Kingdom and Ireland, Castle Town Dandelion.

I admit it, before this series premiered I didn’t have very high hopes for it. I thought it looked and sounded rather silly to be perfectly honest. All it took was one episode to sell me though and I think that if you sit down and watch a couple of episodes yourself, you’ll find the result to be pretty similar. Need more convincing? Here’s a few of the many reasons why you should be giving this title a shot.


Sense of Humor

One of the great things about Castle Town Dandelion is that it doesn’t rely on really cheap gags in order to make you laugh. Most of the jokes are character based and when you have a large cast of likeable characters, the laughs just keep coming.

Castle Town Dandelion



The animation by Production IMS (Inari Kon Kon) is another big highlight to this series. Production IMS does a fantastic job of creating animation that flows fantastically from one scene to the next, while the character designs by Shinpei Kobayashi are well drawn and varied. I haven’t read the original manga that this series is based off of but I feel confident that if I did I’d find the designs to be pretty faithful to the source material.

Castle Town Dandelion


Easy-To-Digest Storytelling

While the overall story involves the siblings competing with each other to become the next king of the country they live in, the general pacing of the stories told is slow and easy to consume. This isn’t like other series where they are trying to cram as many jokes as possible into the episode resulting in the story being pushed off to the side. Instead, things are much more easy going with slow set ups to bigger jokes which I personally much prefer over being peppered with tons of little jokes.

Castle Town Dandelion




with English subs in United Kingdom and Ireland


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