Charlotte: Heroes That Aren’t Perfect

I’ve been digging into the library of shows here on Viewster and stumbled onto the teen superpower show Charlotte. The main character, Yu Otsaka, has the ability to project himself into other people’s bodies and take control of them for a few moments at a time. He believes he’s the only one with powers until the day he meets a mysterious young girl with the power to turn invisible!

As a long time comic book nerd, the premise of this one immediately appealed to me. I’m two episodes in and with only 13 episodes I know this is one that will go on my binge list. To be honest, I first found Yu to be an uncaring prick. He uses his powers very selfishly, even going so far as to endanger others in order to get what he wants. He’s vain and doesn’t seem to care about other people. Thankfully, his deeds come back to haunt him after the mysterious Nao shows up and shows him a whole new world. I won’t ruin any more of the surprises in the first couple episodes, but think of it as the X-men meets the X-Files if neither one was taken very seriously.

The biggest takeaway I have from the show so far is that I wish more superhero shows would take a page out of Charlotte’s book and find ways to be more light hearted and fun like this show is. Far too often in television, superpowers are taken way too seriously, but these kids act the way I think many kids with superpowers would actually act.

Each character’s abilities are really interesting too; every power has an odd sort of limitation. The character named Jojiro is probably my favorite so far. He has a form of super speed that operates in a super original way (gotta watch to know what I’m talking about). The way his ability works is cleverly shown by the artists and very amusing. Charlotte surprised me by providing a main character with room to grow and showing me a world of interesting secret superpowers.

I recommend you give it a shot too. I’m starting the next episode right now!


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