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Alita: Battle Angel trailer
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Someday, someone will make a good live-action adaptation of manga or anime… right? In this case, it would be difficult to get more high profile talent behind the camera than James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. The Battle Angel: Alita manga has been in James Cameron’s back pocket for years. He’s been talking about making Alita: Battle Angel for so long that it seemed like it might never happen, but it looks like all those doubts were false.

It’s the story of an amnesiac cyborg in the 26th century, found in a garbage dump and repaired by a cybernetics doctor. She basically becomes a bounty hunter and tries to recover the facts of her past.

MY WHAT BIG EYES YOU HAVE. Seriously. Check out those anime eyes.

It’s an interesting choice to alter the actress’ face so much, but clearly, it was a deliberate decision to make her look so close to the original artwork. Frankly, it might be even work out to be a good idea. Since so many other adaptations have failed in the past, I’m real open to this new approach to live-action adaptations.

It could work really well to set Alita apart from all the other normal humans in the film. I mean, the intimate moments of the trailer do seem like everyone is talking to an animated character that has come to life in the real world. Let’s be honest, Alita: Battle Angel does look pretty exciting beyond all of this speculation about the look of the characters. The interaction between the real and CG elements of the world look like they put a ton of work into this project. The action sequences, at the very least, look like they could be fun and exciting.

Alita: Battle Angel will be an interesting one to watch. Of all the manga adaptations out there, this could be the one that finally works.

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