Check out these three horror based scares!

As many of you know, Viewster is not just about anime, Shocking! As much as we love our anime titles, we also have some pretty rad and gnarly movie picks! These three horror picks though are to scare; or mildly frighten! These titles are the best of the best and either had us shivering uncomfortably or were peculiar at best! With this mixture of anime and non-animated titles, you are bound to find that tasty nugget! lastly for those what have weak stomachs, you should be relatively fine… just try not to eat just in case!

For those of you who hate suspense and gnarly deaths, Filth To Ashes, Flesh To Dust Is for you!

Filth to Ashes, Flesh To Dust: A rad title that will scratch that horror/thriller/suspenseful flick you have been craving! Slow to start, but has a satisfying build to the finale Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust is one well filmed horror! Solid B-Movie gold in our books! Those who cringe easily may not want to watch this alone, in the dark.

For those who enjoy animated horror and one of the BEST anime horrors then Another is for you! Stream Another now from IE and the UK!

Another: An anime that sends shivers down our spines with it’s twisted deaths and freaked out kids! Another is well… an anime like no other. It has the shivers that will make you cringe for joy and it has the bloody carnage of an adrenaline pumping slasher! Oh and this anime isn’t one for the kiddos so parental’s beware!  Don’t blame us if you lose your cool with this gore-filed anime!

For those with a passion for killing the undead, Zombie Wars is yours!

Zombie Wars: Less on the scare and more on the zombie killing action! This flick shows us what life would be like in a situation where everyday is a fight for survival against smart zombies! While the effects aren’t as great as the first title, this film has some solid charm to its gore effects and left us cringing for more!!!



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