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Due to the immense pride I feel in knowing that our very own Danielle has been enjoying Sakura Quest by P.A. Works, I decided to share some of my favorite shows from the studio.

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Shirobako is a TRIUMPHANT anime that shoves us face-first into the anime production side of life. Now it isn’t a 100% accurate showcase of the industry, but damn it’s cute and silly. Shirobako follows five best friends (Aoi Miyamoir, Ema Yashuara, Shizuka Sakaki, Misa Toudou and Midori Imai) as they attempt to work their way into the lucrative and crazy animation industry. If you want to find some of the appreciation for the industry, this anime does just that. The experiences of all of these young ladies is wondrous and stressing. If this anime told me anything it is that the anime industry is no joke. The stress, the lies, the magical moments: all of them are worthwhile in the end. 

Angel Beats is one heart-wrenching ride. Okay, serious moment here: THIS ANIME WILL MAKE YOU CRY. This pick follows the main character Otanashi as he explores a school where teenagers who have perished go to while in limbo. From here we hop onto the feels train as Otanashi interacts with the attendees of the school all the while helping the SSS club combat this, ‘Angel’ character. The anime has twists, turns and revelations that range from sad as hell to just heart wrenching. Bring a box of tissues with you.

Another is an anime that freights and delights with its visuals and horror elements. Let me tell you that this anime has some of the best visceral elements to any anime, except for maybe Corpse Party. The anime follows Kouichi Sakakibara as he transfers to a new middle school, only to suffer from pneumothorax. Upon recovering from his illness he befriends the cursed and hated Mei Misaki after going against criticism. They then proceed to attempt to figure out why so many people in their school class of 3-3 suffer from a killer curse. This anime literally is jaw droppingly gorgeous and is freaking crazy; that scene near the end sends shivers down my spine.

If you have other Studio P.A. Works anime to recommend, let us know down in the comments below.


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