Anime Review: Dragon Half

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I believe she loses her top in this scene. SO.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect before watching Dragon Half. The brief synopsis that I skimmed told me a few essential details: Half dragon girl… Dragon slayer… And a dude named Dick Saucer. It did not mention absolute absurdity, but good God it served it.

The Basics

A dragon slayer and a dragon fall in love… Despite the beastiality, they get married, have fiery sex and create a dragon-half daughter whom they name Mink. Like most female teenagers raised in the 80s, she’s got a robust love for hunky pop stars: One in particular suitably named Dick Saucer. This is the backbone for the entire story, so. Buckle up.

The king of the land also has an uncomfortable desire for dragons, and is on a mission to kill Mink’s father and make her mother his own sex slave.

While the king pursues her as a part of a poorly formed plot to lure in her mother, Mink pursues a magic “People Potion” which will make her all woman for Sir Dick (because, apparently he’s the only dude in the entire storyline that doesn’t like nailing dragons).

The Deeper Message

To put it simply, there is absolutely no deep message hidden with Dragon Half. If you can find one, honestly I’d be concerned for you. When watching you can’t help but ask yourself a specific series of questions:

  1. Are they effing serious? 
  2. Did they make it this ridiculous on purpose? 
  3. Is this a sick joke? 

Guaranteed, you’ll ask yourself all three questions. And guaranteed, the answer is “Yes.” to all three.

The Review

In order to get through both episodes (only 2, since the series didn’t generate enough interest to continue, shocker) you have to believe that this anime is actually poking fun of anime. It purposefully overuses super-deforming – a drawing style that was particularly popular during the manga’s release in the 80s. It overuses crude humor, it overuses basic b*tch stereotypes, it has basically no legitimate storyline (which so many anime-haters say about anime as a genre). Honestly, it could have easily been a sick prank the Japanese chose to play on America – – – and it worked, because here I am on a Saturday, watching Dragon Half and scratching my head.

Artwork: 6/10

Soundtrack: 10/10 (not mentioned in the review above, but the credit song “My Omelet” is a true work of art.

Storyline: 0/10 (how can you rate something that doesn’t exist)

Addictiveness: 8/10


Note, despite the sh*tty grade, you’ve still got to watch it… Like an ode to anime. 

Watch this series if you’re in the mood for a “WTF” funny. DO NOT watch this series if you are a brute feminist.

Stream it here: Episode 1

Stream it here: Episode 2


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