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Enter a world of heartfelt memories and that of classical composers embodied by outlandishly designed characters in the latest simulcast on Viewster! ClassicaLoid follows four oddities in their day to day lives with the two curious individuals, Beethoven & Mozart (Or Beet and Motz), who find refuge in the ancestral home of Kanae who is also suffering a heart wrenching dilemma of having to let the home she has loved since childhood go up for sale and then demolished. Her “friend” Sosuke who happens to be living with them all at the time of this issue ponders as to why she would have chosen to let this place of memories go all while still holding back the struggle she has faced all while growing up. Her father had squandered much of his inheritance after her grandmother’s passing in the vein hopes of some sort of inventing something worthwhile. This would eventually force Kanae’s mother’s hand in leaving them. Her father vanished somewhere down the line and left all burden of responsibility solely on Kanae’s shoulders. Now she has to deal with the extravagant Beethoven who seeks nothing but the perfection in making the perfect gyoza! The delicate craft has led him to building odd contraptions in order to achieve this end, all the while Mozart seeks the pure joy in just rollerblading down the railings and all about the house in his quest for enjoyable fun.

Throughout the rest of the episode we see both Sosuke & Kanae dealing with the issue of the mansion being torn down the next day and how many struggles Kanae struggle through. Sosuke conveys this to both the talented musicians. During the conversation the anime pan’s back to a Kanae giving the mansion and her home one final clean before the dreaded day all the while remembering her conversation with her late grandmother and her wish to have a ball. She wouldn’t have to wait for the unfulfilled wish to manifest itself. The demolition crews arrived as early as they could in order to proceed. All the while every emotion swells within her as she begins to regret her choice and begs for them to stop. Meanwhile Beethoven finally perfects and makes the perfect gyoza and Mozart finally finds the time to perfect his wall riding craft before crashing into a grand automatic piano. As the wrecking ball smashes into the home much to the disbelief of both Sosuke and Kanae, Kanae catches whiff of soft melodies coming from the very piano she had always look at in admiration. All the while Beethoven becomes engulfed in a feverish passion to compose as his chance to sample the perfected gyoza was spoiled by his sudden fright at the sound of the wrecking ball crashing into the upper floor window.


In a mix of part magical girl transformation and that of an out of this world performance, we witness Beethoven unleashing his inner potential and thus begins to conduct the Opus 68 composition which causes everyone to break into waltz and even manages to give Kanae the chance to dance with her grandmother one last time. After the ensuing and impromptu ball is finished the scene returns to normal with the demolition crews have quickly packed up and leaving. This brings joy to Kanae and allows her to preserve the mansion in the hopes to work towards keeping its doors open, however as they celebrate we learn the crews were quite possibly sent by the ominous looking Bach-Sama in order to locate the escaped ClassicaLoid’s Beethoven and Mozart leaving us to wonder if this other notable composer means well or is a truly devious individual.

Thus we are left off with the first episode and I have to say I am in love with it. The art style of this anime is frankly juicy. It has such a unique flair to it that it really manages to suit the anime well. It’s vivid and it is colored in such a manner that helps to imitate the colorful nature of this title; Sunrise Studio has yet to disappoint me with their quality of work. While the odd black outlines around each character takes some getting used to, it finds itself nestling in quite well. The music too is just so good! I love the remixes of such older songs that is encourages me to go back and listen to the original pieces by these composers! I am a sucker for anime with great music and this title will be no exception; frankly I cannot say much about the originality. Regardless of the songs being remixed it still makes for a uniquely sounding anime that has it’s own fresh beat and take on such well known pieces that it may encourage a new generation of viewers to take a look into the classics that this anime uses as it’s opening theme and grand composing scenes!


Now the overall pacing of this first episode feels right. There is not too much going on that you just lose yourself to the sheer amount of content being presented. I feel that for a silly title like this that is important to get across as smoothly as possible; granted I feel it could have been a bit more silly and free within the first episode and would have gotten away with it just fine. I think that how they are presenting Bach as a mysterious figure is interesting and I am curious to find out whether or not Kanae’s father has anything to do with the ClassicaLoid’s as the anime did inform us he was after some sort of amazing invention. Only time will tell as we sit back and enjoy this latest!

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