Clever Spots For Anime Merchandise

Who doesn’t enjoy a good merchandise scavenger hunt. When you live in small towns, or basically anywhere outside of Japan, it can get pretty challenging to find a place that sells anime merchandise. I’m not talking about online options here, I’m talking about in-store locations.

Before we begin…. Please remember: Some of these options may not be accessible to fans in other parts of the world, but you may have some comparable locations. If you HAPPEN to be in the USA, these retailers are a good bet.

I even stumbled across an Eli and Nico set from the, “Love Live” anime series!

Barnes and Noble

You heard that right. B&N is a place you can often go for manga, but they also carry figures! Now this surprised me, but finding TWO Love Live figures was more than a pleasant surprise. Sure, they may not be from the more popular Figma and Nendoroid line of figures, but still. Figures in a book store is a win-win situation. If they also had some Kill la Kill ones in stock, I would have been over the moon. For me just being able to find these in-store is pretty dope. I’m sure the stock will vary by location, but this is an undeniably epic option for the enthusiast who can’t make it to the big conventions.

 Game Stop

The video game retailer has been refurbishing stores to carry product from ThinkGeek. Some Game Stop locations will actually carry Figma’s and Nendoroids; albeit of video game characters. It is awesomely-epic to be able to go into a game store and find anime-related merchandise. I mean that’s dope to be able to find that in a gaming store right? You can guarantee I’ll be spending way too much money.

Hot Topic

Known as more of an edgy music and punk clothing store; it also caters to a wide range of anime and anime-inspired characters. Yuri on Ice!!! your favorite anime? Attack on Titan or My Hero Academia? Hot Topic has got you covered with shirts, socks, and trinkets galore. It is nice to be able to just waltz into a public store and walk out with Hatsune Miku shirts and Attack on Titan merch. You can’t say that about other retail chains in most areas.

What stores have you been able to find in your neck of the woods? Any good anime merchandise in particular? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below.



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