Collab Watch: Minions, Seals, and Butlers!

Collab Watch: Minions, Seals, and Butlers!
(Source: Fuji-Q Highland)

No one does cool collaboration events quite like Japan. And we’re here to show you the latest! From butlers on roller coasters to Minions in the darndest places, here’s what’s crossing over this summer.

One Hell of a Summer Vacation

Collab Watch: Minions, Seals, and Butlers!
(Source: Fuji-Q Highland)

Black Butler is teaming up with Fuji-Q Highland, a popular theme park near the base of Mt. Fuji, to make summer extra spooky. The team is riding the success of Book of the Atlantic to create some very special attractions, open only this summer.

Visitors of the park can experience Book of Highland, an audio adventure featuring the original cast. Or they can attend a haunted walk-through attraction that drops them straight into the misadventures of Ciel Phantomhive and his butler Sebastian. Both cost a bit extra, but each is under 500 yen.

Naturally, there will be tons of adorable merch: pins, keychains, towels, and more. And there will be photo spots, as well as an AR stamp rally, so you can make full use of your smartphone at the park!

More info, including photos of available merchandise, can be found on the official collaboration page.

Get Cool with Goma-chan

Collab Watch: Minions, Seals, and Butlers!

Fans looking to cool off this summer can drop by Tokyo Omotesando for Go! Go! Goma-chan Kitchen. The collab cafe is based on the popular Goma-chan manga, featuring a young boy and his pet seal. The menu features 12 different tasty items, from omurice to cool drinks. There are even three fruit popsicles to choose from! Main courses also come with a 2.5D Goma-chan Kitchen standee.

Naturally, there’s cute themed merch to pick up, too. All of it has a breezy summer flair, from tropical-themed bags to coasters that look like albums of beach tunes. Those who can’t make it to the café can pick up these cute goods at stores around the country, including various KIDDYLAND locations.

But these cool, sweet treats will only be around for the summer!

Dragon Quest and… Minions?

Collab Watch: Minions, Seals, and Butlers!
(Source: GoNintendo)

Okay, this one’s a little more out of left field than most, and that’s saying something.

It looks like Square Enix has teamed up with Universal Studios to mash up Dragon Quest and Despicable Me 3… specifically, the ever-present Minions. So far, the custom slime-creation website Minna no Slime has snuck a chill-looking Minion slime on their front page. Not only that, the Japanese music video for Pharrell Williams’s “Yellow Light” works the little critters (slimes, that is) in. Check for them around 2:55 — other versions of the vid feature Tetris blocks there.


It has been hinted that this low-level collaboration will continue in future. How? We’re not sure yet. But it’ll be interesting to see.




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