Comet Lucifer is a beautiful anime!

Once in awhile I crave a mecha anime and once in awhile I crave an anime that is both wonderful to the eyes and one that is wonderful to listen to. Comet Lucifer is an anime that is all that and more. It is beautifully drawn, has one of the most uplifting openings to date and is at least good in the story department! Not fantastic mind you, but very good! The anime follows the story of the lead character Sogou Amagi and his whimsical run in with a girl who has slept beneath the Earth in a Crystalline structure. As fate has its way with many a hero’s path, Sogou Amagi finds himself at odd with higher political and military powers as they seek to harvest what power and life they can from a girl who has a very deep connection to the world in which Sogou Amagi and the rest of the casts inhabits. While I do not wish to spoil much of the show, it is a very interesting story! While the story is always a focus for most anime Comet Lucifer does have simple, yet lovely bits of day to day life events that transpire within the anime’s run. It’s these simple bits of daily life that i enjoyed very much about the anime and locale is just a phenomenal place to lose oneself in. 

Comet Lucifer 2

If you love Mech’s then this is the anime for you my friend. They are unique and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. While not a perfect ode to Mecha anime, Comet Lucifer does them a pretty good justice especially with the 3D rendering and animation that they bring to the Mecha. It is less intrusive than most and it all actually melts perfectly into the world. . The 3D animation that is present is good. It isn’t world class, but it is at least not very intrusive on the actual 2D style that we get to enjoy while watching this title. It is flashy when it needs to be, making excellent use of effects to give us the best picture that it can provide and that is frankly all due to the charm of Studio 8-Bit. The characters themselves have drawn depth, but at times they feel quite simple. Even with that simplicity there is still a layer of beauty that is present and hard to ignore. The opening is equally spectacular and if you know me personally I love, love me a good opening. The opening tune is performed by the group fhana and is called The Seed and The Sower. It is uplifting and fits the beauty of this anime perfectly and even better you can purchase it from the iTunes Store! (If you live in the U.S.)

Comet Lucifer 5

Granted this anime will appeal to only some of you, but it is a gem of an anime to watch from this past 2015 season. It’s got good humor, great action and superb art and sound. It helps that all the pieces of this anime fit so snug together, especially in the musical department. If you are looking for a grand story of epic proportions you might not find that here, but it is a good story to tell with a theme that we all can learn from. What the theme and meaning behind the anime is will depend solely upon the individual watching it. Comet Lucifer can be enjoyed with English subs in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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